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Creating an Environment of Belongingness Online

More universities are adopting online learning platforms for global expansion. Up credentialing, workforce readiness, and increasing demands for personalized anytime/anywhere access are changing the way higher education delivers curriculum, and trends point to continued online growth in the United States. As institutions adopt new technological platforms, traditional faculty preparation must become more nuanced for teachers to support students at a distance. All of us in high

Using Humor in Online Teaching

Humor is a strategy that takes some of the sting out of learning new things. Our brains relax once we’ve had a few yucks. I happen to think that proper grammar is unfairly described as boring. My time as a hiring manager let me see firsthand that grammar errors can keep your resume from moving forward, and typos in an email make a person appear inept and unprofessional. Grammar is an essential professional skill, and most of us learn it in 6th grade and never think about punc

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